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ARCHITECTS AFRICA Top 10 Architects Studios in Rwanda

Architecture, just like other fields of endeavor, has continually evolved in line with the prevailing socio-cultural circumstances through the times in Rwanda. From Europeans to Arabs, various nations across the world have left their footprints in the form of signature architectures across various parts of Rwanda. But until date, the predominant architectural style in the country is still evolving.
Today, there’s an increasing inclination towards sustainable, eco-friendly designs, as the country faces an unprecedented wave of urban migration.



2. GMK Architecture – gmkinternationalpartners.com

Nyarutarama, P.O.Box 3206, Kigali
Founded in 2005 in the USA as a subsidiary company of Lupton Rausch International Company of Columbus, Ohio, GMK Architecture limited offers world-class architectural services from its headquarters in Kigali, which was established in 2006. It has delivered state-of-the-art architectural works across the Subsaharan African region. Its remarkable portfolio abounds with innovative projects executed by a multidisciplinary team of seasoned experts, including experts in urban design, interior design, architecture, landscaping, etc. With its team of innovative and creative talents, the firm is poised to set architectural standards and build masterpieces that define the looks of future African cities.
Among its most impressive projects are

  • Petrocom admin building
  • University of Kigali
  • RPF headquarters
  • Sacko hotel
  • Kivu Marina Bay
  • NISR
  • Kiyovu villas
  • Edge Hotels

3. Landmark Studio – landmark.co.rw

P. O. BOX 5224, Kigali
Landmark Studio was founded when Africa Property Kigali was taken under the wings of a different parent company. The Senior management then rebranded the company and established it as first-rate architectural planning and project management firm in Kigali.  In addition to earning a solid reputation at home, the company has since gone on to win plaudits on the international stage, securing high-profile partnerships with international corporations like John McAslan & Partners, UK, GreenA Consultants, Singapore, etc.
The organization is spearheaded by Mr. Eudes Kayumba, the managing director, who is also the President of the RIA Architects Registration Board and Vice President of the African Union of Architects.
The firm’s portfolios are stuffed with high-grade stocks of all ranges and sizes, including high-rise office blocks, high-end residential stocks, as well as institutional block. Among its most outstanding stock include:

  • Rwahinda Estate
  • Crystal Towers
  • SP Station
  • One Border Post
  • SEC Academy
  • Hotel Casablanca

4. Bear Ltd – bearltd.rw

KG 2 AV, No 21, Kimihurura – Amajyambere, Kigali
Endearing a fold of highly satisfied long-term clients from across the country, Bear Ltd has established itself as a well-known customer-centric architecture outlet. It’s delivered world-class, sustainable design and building solutions.
Among some of its most awe-inspiring developments include:

  • Rwanda Revenue Authority
  • MTN office in Kigali
  • Kigali Convention Center
  • Kigali Serena Hotel
  • Elevate Suites
  • Grand Pension Plaza building
  • Rwanda Social Security Board Twin Tower Building (RSSB)
  • Ecobank Headquarters
  • University Libre de Kigali (ULK)

5. MASS Design Group – massdesigngroup.org

Kigali Heights, Plot 772, KG 7 Ave Kacyiru, Kigali
Mass Design Group is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization. Its purview is mostly focused on public projects which the organization’s board of directors believe are well-aligned with the organization’s humanitarian-based objectives. The organization’s team of specialists, which is overseen by a board of directors made up of thought leaders; all contribute veritable inputs to ensure that projects are integrated with all the necessary elements.
Among its most prolific works are:

  • Rwandan Institute for Conservation Agriculture
  • Ruhehe Primary School
  • The Embrace Memorial Park
  • The National Memorial for Peace and Justice
  • Butaro Doctors Housing
  • Butaro Ambulatory Cancer Center
  • Gheskio Tuberculosis hospital
  • Manyara Ranch Primary School

6. FBW Rwanda Ltd – fbwgroup.com

P.O.Box 708, Kigali
FBW is an international architectural studio that has made an indelible mark on the Rwandan real estate industry, with over 20 years of non-stop execution of development. It’s run by a team of highly seasoned and innovative talents who work with a strong inclination towards ethics, multiculturalism, and professionalism given the international background of the firm. With their exceptional creativity, multidisciplinary acumen and a wide breadth of expertise, they’ve executed an impressive array of projects across the East African region, including commercial, residential, office, and retail, educational buildings, for clients in both private and public sectors.
Among its most prolific works include:

  • Prime Excellent Offices
  • KIST Library
  • Songa Kinigi Lodge
  • Umubano Hotel
  • Rugarama Park
  • World Bank, Kampala, Uganda

7. Vavaki Architects – vavaki.com

Fifth floor, Kigali Heights, Kimihurura Roundabout, Kigali
To produce state-of-the-art architectural and project management solution, this company operates with a focus on multiple aspects of development, including feasibility studies, procurement strategies, design development, and so much more.
Vavaki architect’s experts are well-versed in master planning and urban design, branding, interior design, landscape architecture, as well as project management. They’ve also undertaken numerous building refurbishment projects, where they’ve either refurbished existing structures or completely remodeled building structures.
The company boasts a remarkable track record of executing various kinds of residential, commercial and admin buildings, including:

  • Kigali Heights
  • Kitico Mall
  • Kacyiru Heights
  • UPF police stations, Kampala, Uganda
  • UPF barracks, Kampala Uganda
  • Landmark City, Uganda

8. GR8 Creations – gr8creationsltd.com

P. O. Box 3250, Kigali
GR8 is run by a team of highly skilled personnel, including architects, technician, special consultants and more, who’ve all executed projects of various scales and scope. The company is also well-known for its solution-driven propensity towards going into partnerships and outsourcing projects in areas of weakness. With a track record of delivering first-rate developments, the company has asserted itself as a go-to provider of architectural design and building services.
Some of the company’s most inspirational works include:

  • Housing estates in Kigali Nyarutarama, Kagugu, Gacuriro and Kabuga
  • CVLD BRD commercial and office buildings
  • Post office block for NPD Contractor
  • Unicef Early Childhood Development Center
  • ISCO office
  • Bank of Kigali
  • Protea Kampala

9. Futures Architects Ltd – f-arch.com

KG 30 684 Street, Kacyiru, Kigali
This is a heavyweight in the regional industry. It delivers first-rate architectural, interior design, engineering, quality surveying & project management services through its outlets in Kigali, Nairobi, Kampala, and Bujumbura. It has a ten-year track record of delivering of top-rate services through a team of seasoned architects, designers, technicians, and special consultants.
It boasts a portfolio filled with high-profile stocks, including:

  • I&M Bank headquarters and main offices
  • Kcb main headquarters and branches
  • Nobilis Hotel
  • 30 Room 4 Star Boutique Tourist Hotel & Conference Center
  • Heights Ltd apartment blocks
  • Symposia Apartments

10. ADC Bureau – bureau-adc.com

This is another highly reputable architectural studio run by a multidisciplinary team of architects, civil engineers, interior designers and many more. The company strives to provide innovative solutions that address the unique problems facing the region.
The company’s range of services includes architecture and civil engineering, feasibility studies, commercial and financial evaluation of projects, technical monitoring and project management, interior decoration, urban planning, property sales, purchases, and mortgages.
Chief among its undertakings include:

  • EWSA in Reméra, Nyamirambo, and Kacyiru
  • Commercial Bank of Burundi headquarters, Burundi
  • SORAS hotel and shopping mall
  • Rehabilitation and extension work of the Bank of Kigali (BK)
  • Extension and rehabilitation of MINECOFIN Headquarters

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