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Our Story

Founded by Johnson M Bigwi in 2013 and later in 2015 after successfully working together on the Kacyiru Residential House with Engineer Jean Baptiste Muhirwa and Engineer Emmanuel Iyamuremye, they formed a partnership henceforth, FDG Africa.
FDG Africa was founded with the desire for design excellence, environmental
sustainability, high-quality innovation, and end-user satisfaction.

We introduced a design that follows the slope in Rwanda due to the highland nature of the country and also to reduce the cost of cutting land. We are now able to work in different countries and regions to introduce modern and visionary designs that relate to the community.

Eco-friendly buildings that are married to the landscape.

It is our responsibility to maintain the environment around us, we do not cut the slope while carrying out the construction process, instead, we build along it, which ends up giving a much better result and also sustains the environment hence creating art.

FDG Africa has expanded its borders from Rwanda to Congo & Kenya, creating partnership.

What We Offer

We want to successfully connect people with where they live, learn, work and play in a way that promotes development and enhances the environment.

Modern residential design

Varying from commercial to residential properties, our buildings are designed with simplicity while employing beautiful and inviting facades.

Dream Stadium Kinyinya Project

Construction & landscaping

Our broad team is comprised of professional surveyors and engineers who provide advice and also follow the project up with the client.

Solution to space maximization

Throughout the design process, both the exterior and the interior spaces are maximized to their full functionality.

Our Creative Team


Architectural visualizer

Christian KWIZERA

Civil engineer

Samuel NGABO

Digital Marketing Manager


Quantity Surveyor

Modern, creative & socially relevant construction services.